1. make contact

Reach out - let me know what you're after!

Weddings and family photoshoots are my favourite, but I also cover business events.

2. booking & contract

We'll lock in a date and both sign a contract.


Bookings are secured by a small deposit.

3. Photoshoot plans

I'll send you more information via email on your photoshoot day.


If it's a wedding, I'll need some details from you (numbers, important guests).


If it's a family photoshoot, I'll give you some ideas on what to wear and what to bring.

4. Photoshoot day

This is when the magic happens!

5. editing phase

Leave it with me!

I usually work for around 4-6 weeks to complete an 8 hr wedding photoshoot, or 3 weeks for a family photoshoot. 


I'll send you some samples around a week after the photoshoot date to share on your social media!

Remainder of payment is due during this phase.

All images are supplied via an online digital gallery in high resolution (print-quality) and lower resolution (suitable for social media).